S uper Future Kid is a London-based multi-media artist born in East Berlin in 1981. Following the fall of the Berlin Wall, the artist's encounters with Western consumerism greatly influenced her artistic vocabulary, exemplified by the electric colours and the pair of Adidas trousers featured in Flat Earth Jogging. The canvas rendered in a futuristic neon palette transforms into a surreal platform where the subject comically and freely configures and moves. Traces of digital culture, which bloomed in parallel with consumerism, seep through the artist's smooth rendering of vibrant pigment gradients, achieved by her mastery of spray paint and acrylic that resemble digital imageries. Notable, however, is the heavy impasto that crowns the figure's hat and embellishes his trainers, creating tactility in sharp contrast with the rest of the composition. The dynamics between cultures of the East and West inspired the juxtaposition that imbued her works with millennial nostalgia. Duality is often prominent in her artistic creations, providing a pictorial space for concepts to collide and repel simultaneously, such as depicting female subjects challenging the archetypes of femininity.

1981年出生於東柏林的Super Future Kid是一位現駐於倫敦的多媒體藝術家。柏林圍牆倒下後,藝術家與西方消費主義的接觸,令她的藝術語彙深受影響,《地平上慢跑》中出現的Adidas長褲以及鮮明醒目的顏色正是一例。藝術家在本作中運用了富有未來感的霓虹色調,讓畫面化身為一個超現實的平台,畫中的人物在這平台上歡樂並自由地交流及舞動。Super Future Kid以精湛的技巧運用噴漆和壓克力彩模仿數碼繪畫;巧妙地堆疊的漸層鮮艷色彩,亦展現數碼文化及消費主義對這位藝術家的影響。值得留意的是,畫中主角的帽子和他身邊的教練們身上的顏料堆疊厚重,與畫面其他部分的質感對比強烈。東西方文化之間的互動,啟發了這種不同質感的並置,從而令她的作品充滿了千禧世代的懷舊情懷。二元性是Super Future Kid作品的特色,她讓畫布成為不同概念相互碰撞及對抗的空間,例如以女性角色挑戰女性的典型形象。