There is a further work titled The Expedition by the same hand in oil to the reverse of the board.

We are grateful to John and Teresa Cook and Sophie Howe for their kind assistance with the cataloguing of the present work.

'It’s not just the faces, but the whole of Beryl’s paintings that have a ‘look’. She fills them with bold, clear designs that immediately cheer you up. Her description of the tango bar is very telling. She was uncomfortable when the bar was empty, except for a frenzied couple dancing, but when many more customers arrived she was happier, stopped laughing nervously, and ‘everything settled down’... When you look closely at her compositions you can see that everything in them, every movement, mass, look and shape is balanced or echoed, one by another, until the whole picture seems to dance together.’
Julian Spalding in Beryl Cook Happy Days, 1995