Y oshitomo Nara’s iconic composition defines the essence of childhood and innocence, becoming symbols of Japanese Neo-pop and thus solidifying the artist as one of the most celebrated contemporary painters of our time. Throughout Nara's practice, he has provoked a deep sense of memory and the allure of youth while synchronously leaving a firm reminder of the problems and concerns of adulthood.

Created in the late 2000s In the Jingle Jangle Morning I'll Come Followin' You is an exemplary work showcasing Yoshitomo Nara’s universally resonant oeuvre features bold outlines and monochromatic palette. During the time when the present work is created, Nara started to move onto trying different mediums like ceramic and cotton etc. Monumental in scale, with two of the most quintessential characters Nara depicted, a fearless girl prepared to take on and conquer the big world with her companion. “Nara captures the tension between the innocence and experience, physical isolation and mental freedom, containment and independence. Embracing the whole of the human condition and concluded that, in fact, evil is an essential part of innocence.” (Kristin Chambers)

detail on the current lot

The rounded form of the present work is also worth noting, which is reminiscent of Renaissance tondo paintings. Historically, tondi (plural of tondo) featured enclosed scenes, with the composition serving to draw the viewer’s attention on the central characters. Background in tondo is either simplified or omitted altogether, a stylistic strategy that is echoed in Nara’s modus operandi. By harmonizing sources from different traditions and eras of art history, Nara’s oeuvre acts concurrently as a universal emotional vehicle through which viewers can excavate their childhood memories, and a compelling entry point into a re-evaluation of the canon of figurative painting, representation and storytelling through his art.


奈良美智的藝術引起無數共鳴,這幅出自2000年代後期的《讓我在這叮噹響的早晨裡跟隨你》採用了大膽的線條及單一的色調,是藝術家的典範佳作。在本作面世的時期,奈良正在嘗試運用陶瓷和棉花等不同媒材創作。奈良筆下其中兩個最經典的角色,以偌大的比例呈現在本作上 ——一個無所畏懼的小女孩準備好與她的同伴一起征服這個廣闊的世界。克莉絲汀·錢伯斯(Kristin Chambers)形容:「奈良捕捉了天真與歷練之間、人身孤立與心靈自由之間、囚禁與獨立之間的張力。他全然接受人類的所有特質及面向,並總結出邪惡其實亦是純真的其中一個重要部分。」