“The Distillers do incredible work, empowering individuals both in and outside of the spirits trade. We are delighted to support them to further create positive change in our communities, through the donation of this exceptional, and unique, Time Series 50 Year Old 2021 Release.” - Mathieu Deslandes, Global Marketing Director Ballantine’s and Prestige

Royal Salute is the master of exceptionally aged Scotch Whisky and the finest expression of the art of blending. The exceptional Time Series Edition is the pinnacle of the Royal Salute collection featuring its finest, most distinctive and exclusive time-honored Scotch whiskies. Time is the most rare and precious catalyst, patiently perfecting all elements until they reach their purest forms. Each release within the Time Series expresses the luxury of time by paying tribute to remarkable ages. The Master Blender will only release them when the blend has reached its most remarkable and finest expression. Created exclusively for The Worshipful Company of Distillers in 2021 by Royal Salute Master Blender Sandy Hyslop, this unique edition of Times Series 50 Year Old is a remarkable testimony of Royal Salute’s unparalleled expertise at blending ultra-high-aged Scotch and steadfast commitment in offering only the finest whiskies.

Echoing the expertise and skill needed to create the Time Series 50 Year Old blend, the precious decanter has been crafted from hand-blown Dartington crystal, making it an even more unique piece. This treasured Royal Salute blend is presented in a precious case, made from five layers of wood, representing the five decades this exceptional Scotch Whisky has taken to mature. The front of the box was designed as a tribute to the exceptional oak tree, each layer mimicking the rings in the wood, each ring counting for a different age from the life of the tree – the purest and most organic mark of time. Tasting notes: On the nose, honey blossom, dark cherries, poached pears and candied pineapple combine with milk chocolate shortbread, blueberry liquorice, treacle fudge and nutmeg. On the palate, homemade strawberry jam, juicy nectarine and perfectly ripened raspberries which intertwine with vanilla bon-bons, roasted hazelnut and sweet spice of crystalised ginger. The finish is long and dry with warm spice.

The buyer will also receive a VIP Tour for two and tasting at Strathisla Distillery including an opportunity to taste the rarest Royal Salute inventory of maturing whiskies hosted by Peter Prentice, Chairman Keepers of the Quaich & Global VIP Relationships Director at Chivas Brothers. Hosted overnight accommodation and dinner will also be provided at Linn House in Keith.

Royal Salute Whisky

In honour of the British Crown, Royal Salute was created to mark the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. Crafted as the ultimate sign of respect, the name takes inspiration from the 21 Gun Salute fired for royal celebrations, and Royal Salute has ever since been the official partner to all ceremonial Royal Gun Salutes fired at the Tower of London. Starting where others end, at a minimum of 21 years old, Royal Salute is an exceptional Scotch whisky, crafted by selecting some of the rarest whiskies and blending them to create a refined and distinctive spirit. Royal Salute is steeped in tradition and proud of its royal lineage, but is firmly engaged in the modern world, by constantly pushing the art of blending into new, creative, and ambitious forms. For Royal Salute, 1953 marks the most important moment – the year Royal Salute’s first ever blend was delivered to Queen Elizabeth II to celebrate her coronation. Since then, time has been its most precious ingredient and only time can work the subtle changes that reveal a whisky’s truest beauty. As whisky ages, the casks it matures in and the place those casks are stored work a slow, subtle magic. Inspired by the longevity and dedication that makes Queen Elizabeth II the world’s longest-serving monarch, this remarkable blend demonstrates the value of patience across the years.

Chivas Brothers is the Pernod Ricard business dedicated entirely to Scotch whisky. Its award-winning portfolio features some of the world’s most revered single malt and blended Scotch whisky brands, including Chivas, Ballantine’s, Royal Salute and The Glenlivet, which are exported from Scotland to over 100 countries worldwide. The UK’s No.2 Scotch whisky producer, Chivas Brothers, and its 1,600-strong team across 27 sites is committed to upholding the heritage of Scotch and ensuring its sustainable future, as well as opening it up to new audiences across the globe.