Discover the Power of Mudra – Hand Gestures in Buddhist Art
Sotheby's upcoming exhibition on 16 September,  Images of Enlightenment: Devotional Works of Art and Paintings, traces the development of Buddhist art across Asia. This short video describes the importance of hand gestures, or 'mudra' in Sanskrit, which were used  to convey specific meanings to the viewer. 

A Brief Guide to Hand Gestures in Buddhist Art
Our upcoming auction on 16 September, Images of Enlightenment: Devotional Works of Art & Paintings , traces the development of Buddhist art across Asia, providing an interesting glimpse at how the iconography evolved, and at the same time retained distinctive elements.

A Window to an Emperor's Heart
When Emperor Qianlong traveled south on an inspection tour to Yangzhou in 1751, one particular scenic site, Pingshan Hall, left him so deeply impressed that he would return eight more times in the next three decades and compose thirty-eight poems in fond memory. Among the thirty-eight poems, four will be offered in the upcoming Classical Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy sale to be held on 17 September.

The Art of the Dragon
The dragon is a pervasive Chinese symbol almost as old as China itself. Over time it has come to represent benevolence, strength, masculinity and the positive forces in nature. It is so important to the Chinese that they call themselves “the Descendants of the Dragon.” According to myth, the dragon has nine sons. These different dragons are used as ornaments according to their nature.

Asia Week's Bell Appeal
An Imperial Gilt-Bronze Ritual Bell, dated to the eighth year of the Qianlong period, (1743 in the Western calendar) will be offered in our 15–16 September Important Chinese Art sale. The bell was produced for the Qianlong emperor (r. 1736-1795) and later acquired by another larger-than-life figure, the famous American newspaper publisher William Randolph Hearst.

From the Desk of the Chinese Scholar
In imperial China scholars were held in high esteem. They were men of learning who not only put their artistic ideas to paper, but created an entire environment for themselves that exemplified those ideas.  In the process they became collectors of refined art objects – usually small enough for their desk tops and bookshelves.

Lang Lang Shops the Asia Week Sales
There are few classical musicians as renowned and beloved as the pianist Lang Lang. As Asia Week kicks off in New York, we asked Lang Lang to select those objects that had special resonance for him.

Fine Classical Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy
Add a touch of classic Chinese aesthetics to your collection with these delicate paintings, scripts and hanging scrolls from the Fine Classical Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy sale on 17 September