NEW YORK – Last night, an international crowd of collectors and dealers flocked to our tenth-floor galleries for a Masters Week reception. Between works from Road to Rome and The Collection of A. Alfred Taubman, the Hot Club of Flatbush performed a mix of American and Parisian jazz music – think “C’est Si Bon” and other classics. “Old Masters conjures notions of harpsichords and string quartets,” says Master Paintings specialist Jonquil O’Reilly. “So strolling in to find a gypsy jazz band in the centre of the gallery is quite refreshing and unexpected.” Click ahead to experience the scene for yourself.


A · 阿弗烈 · 陶博曼收藏:西洋古典油畫、素描及雕塑

27 January 2016 | New York


28 January 2016 | New York


28 January 2016 | New York