Exhibition view of the SCMP Charity Art Auction.

HONG KONG - Last year Hong Kong began to commemorate a special milestone: the 110th anniversary of its longest running newspaper, the South China Morning Post. Through its “Celebrating Hong Kong” campaign, the SCMP – together with organizers and ambassadors  – has undertaken a series of programs, awards and fundraisers in support of Hong Kong.

On 3 September, the celebration will culminate in the SCMP Charity Art Auction with Sotheby’s as appointed auctioneer.   All the proceeds from the SCMP Charity Art Auction will become seed funding for charity projects run by the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, St James’ Settlement and the Society for Community Organization to benefit the children and the elderly living in poverty in Hong Kong.

Exhibition view of the SCMP Charity Art Auction.

We’re thrilled to open the doors of Sotheby’s Hong Kong Gallery for a special charity auction preview from August 1-5. Among the works on view will be a specially commissioned painting by Zeng Fanzhi as well as important works by artists such as Simon Birch, Sohan Qadri and Wilson Shieh.

I hope you will visit the auction preview and participate at the SCMP Charity Art Auction in September. On behalf of all of us at Sotheby’s, I offer congratulations to the South China Morning Post!  

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