From Plato to Descartes, our cultural achievements have been guided by questioning the parameters that define us as human beings. Each of these artworks provides an insight into our greatest artistic preoccupation: the human condition. Rosemarie Trockel has evoked in Vitrine a latent sense of isolation as a central bodily mass is wrapped and suspended in a web of wires. Louise Bourgeois’ Give or Take presents the contradiction inherent in human nature. Thomas Schütte examines the expressive potential of the figure, while Kazuo Shiraga used his own body to create gestural paintings.  

Rosemarie Trockel, Vitrine, circa 1988. Estimate £50,000–70,000.
Thomas Schütte, Kleiner Geist, 1997. Estimate £250,000–350,000.
Kazuo Shiraga, Shinsen Na Aka (Vivid Red), circa 1967. Estimate £350,000–450,000.
Louise Bourgeois, Give or Take, 2002. Estimate £200,000–300,000.


11 February 2016 | London