NEW YORK – There are few more prominent names associated with contemporary sculpture than that of Jeff Koons, Donald Judd, Alexander Calder, John Chamberlain, Louise Bourgeois, Charles Ray, and Anish Kapoor. Sotheby’s New York will offer phenomenal examples from the careers of each of these groundbreaking giants in our Evening Auction on November 11th. The iconic bodies of work created by these artists indelibly mark some of the most important turning points in contemporary sculpture, and from Alexander Calder’s 1959 The Blue Comb (Le peigne bleu) to Jeff Koons’ Moon (Yellow) from 1995–2000, the sculptures being offered in the Contemporary Evening Auction span five decades of pioneering artistic endeavor.

Jeff Koons’ Moon (Yellow), 1995–2000. Estimate $12,000,000–18,000,000.
Louise Bourgeois’s Spider I, 1995. Estimate $4,000,000–6,000,000.
Alexander Calder’s The Blue Comb (Le peigne bleu), 1959. Estimate $4,000,000–6,000,000.
Donald Judd’s Untitled [DSS 296], 1973. Estimate $4,000,000–6,000,000.
John Chamberlain’s Mr. Moto, 1963. Estimate $1,800,000–2,500,000.
Jeff Koons’ Bear and Policeman, 1988. Estimate $7,000,000-9,000,000.
Charles Ray’s Aluminum Girl, 2003. Estimate $2,500,000-3,500,000.
Anish Kapoor’s Untitled, 2005. Estimate $800,000–1,200,000.


11 November 2014 | New York