LONDON – The appetite for large abstract paintings by Gerhard Richter remains as voracious as ever as Wand (Wall) sold for £17.4 million ($28.7 million), leading the Contemporary Art Evening sale in London to a total £87.9 million ($144.6 million) with interest from 40 countries. The monumental red canvas was held to be of such importance by the artist that he chose to keep it in his personal collection for over fifteen years

Gerhard Richter's Wand (Wall) sold for £17.4 million.

A new auction record was achieved for a painting by Cy Twombly, whose Untitled (Rome), the second largest of the artist’s works, sold for £12.2 million ($20 million). The sale of the painting marked the first time the work had ever been seen in public.

Cy Twombly's Untitled (Rome) sold for £12.2 million.

Also new to the auction market, Lucian Freud’s Head on a Green Sofa sold for £2.9 million ($4.9 million). Long considered by the artist to be among the best works he
ever produced, the work was painted in 1960-61, at a watershed moment in his career.

Lucian Freud’s Head on a Green Sofa sold for £2.9 million.

From Andy Warhol’s iconic Mao series, a striking red and yellow canvas sold for £7.6 million ($12.5 million). Just weeks after the 120th anniversary of Mao’s birth, enthusiasm for works from the Mao series shows no sign of slowing.

Andy Warhol's Mao sold for £7.6 million.

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