An installation shot of Les Lalanne: The Poetry of Sculpture after all the hard work was complete.

NEW YORK - Putting together Les Lalanne: The Poetry of Sculpture, our S|2 selling exhibition in New York featuring the work of the legendary Claude and François-Xavier Lalanne, has been an incredible experience. It was an enormous privilege to work closely with two people who know the artwork of “Les Lalanne” so well: Paul Kasmin, the renowned galleriest who has represented the duo for many years, and Michael Shvo, an avid collector of the couple's artwork.

Live moss is hot glued to cardboard wrapped around the gallery's center column.

Taking inspiration from Les Lalanne's surrealist sculptures, we set out to turn our New York S|2 gallery into a magical midnight garden that would showcase these poetic works and create a dreamlike atmosphere.

Installation of the show's heaviest piece, Claude Lalanne's bronze Pomme d'Hiver from 2008, required significant logistical planning and muscle.

Kimberly von Koontz from Kimberly von Koontz Landscapes was instrumental in bringing this vision to life. Over the course of ten days of building, painting, planting, hedging, watering, and heavy lifting, we witnessed (and were part of!) an amazing transformation of the gallery from plain, white box to spectacular indoor garden.

Pruning the live hedges.

Replete with walls of ivy, moss islands, and monumental hedges – all live plant material that need to be watered every day – and a working fountain inside a pool with floating water lilies, this exhibition is unlike any we’ve ever done at Sotheby’s.

Art handlers carefully installing François-Xavier Lalanne's Vache Bien Etablie I from 1998.

We're thrilled with the result of our efforts, and we hope everyone will experience the magic of Les Lalanne at Sotheby's S|2 New York, open to the public through 22 November.

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