Capture. Create. Win. Zadok Ben David Photo Contest, launched by the Israeli Embassy.

SINGAPORE - The show at Singapore Botanic Garden has been received wonderfully well by visitors. In fact, it has been extended until 15 February. Gradually these monumental art works are becoming a part of the garden. Many people asked me if they were going to stay there. While not staying at the gardens in Singapore, they will be placed in other countries in the region, as most of them have been purchased by collectors from the region.

After the opening week I went back to my studio in London, to finish a
new installation, The Other Side Of Midnight, which opened at Shoshana Wayne gallery in LA on January 12th. The main piece in the show, a spherical sculpture with several thousand painted butterflies and insects, has to be shown in a dark space under UV lights. Unfinished when it left my studio, I saw the final piece for the first time in the gallery, where the lights had been fitted. I must admit that I was very surprised with the outcome, it looked much better than I thought it would.

Zadok Ben David, The Other Side of Midnight (2012), detail. Courtesy of the Artist.

After the opening I left for Antarctica for eight days, but was due to fly back to Singapore on 22nd January to attend several events during Art Stage, including a tour of the exhibition in the botanic gardens with guests from the Israeli Embassy. Unfortunately heavy fog kept me grounded for two days, meaning I missed the flight. Mathilda my studio manager kindly agreed to represent me.

Finally, a great opportunity for lovers of art, nature and photography has arised. With the kind support of Sotheby’s and the Singapore Tourism Board, the Israeli Embassy has launched a photography competition. I will be on the panel of judges and we’ll be looking for best shots with captions of the sculptures in the garden. The deadline for submissions is 15 February, marking the last day of the show.