Entrance to the Magic Box, (Opening Ceremony May 2012).

LONDON - The interiors of the gallery were inaugurated at the end of May this year. Everything had gone according to plan except the steps at the entrance of the Magic Box. My original plan was to have folding stairs that opened at the press of a button or with a remote control. Lack of time and (possibly) funds meant portable steps with wheels were similar to those we find in airports. Hopefully we can finish it according to plan in the near future.


Magic Box at night.

I had been asked to open with an exhibition with my own works and then to be the first curator for future shows. Rather than make new works I decided to show for the first time in Portugal two old narrative video installations: The Train Ride and The Wrong Paper. Not much needed to be prepared except subtitles in Portuguese, but as for being a curator, it is a full time job and my work commitments would make it impossible for me.

Interior of the Magic Box.

I needed to find someone and soon. I suggested curator Victor de Circasia, with whom I had collaborated in the past. Spanish by origin, but trained as both an artist and a curator in England, and having worked in Italy for the last few years, his international experience would be invaluable. The directors of the school agreed with my choice and it was a good timing for Victor too. Hopefully he will move to Portugal this September and start working on the new program in order to make the Magic Box Gallery an important international venue with exciting exhibition programming.

標籤倫敦, Artist