A model of the floating building.


LONDON - Previously I wrote about my desire to create a floating building, an inspiration I had from my interest in the world of illusion. Now I would like to share with you the process for how I realized this feat.

In my studio I built a small model and experimented with a table and plywood plates in order to find the optimal distance from the ground to the building floor. A little childish perhaps, but you have to start somewhere... My finding was that to see the building floating from 40 feet away, the building must be no higher than two feet above the ground.


The site for the building.

Two weeks later I flew to Portugal. I saw the designated site, met Mariana Correia, the school principle, the architects Rui Correia, Gilberto Carlos and Luis Paulo Pacheco and engineer Francisco Machado dos Santos. The following day we all met José Manuel Carpinteira, the mayor of Vila Nova de Cerveira. As I was volunteering, I felt I had the right to ask if it was possible to speed up the planning process, as time was so short. To my surprise the mayor had an elegant solution – he would present it as a sculpture, not as a building, requiring no special permission. Simple.


The finishing touches are made to the project.

The building, however, wasn't ready for the first deadline in July nor for August, too much time had been spent preparing the foundations, but by mid September we were able to hold the ribbon cutting ceremony – unfortunately just for the building frame...

標籤當代藝術, 倫敦, Artist