The Gunter Sachs sale realized an impressive £41,445,313


LONDON - The ultimate vindication of an auction is when the sale finally arrives and all the preparation is translated into a crowded saleroom and heated competition. As can be seen in the video below this was the case for the Gunter Sachs sales we have just held in London. Bidders came from 17 countries across four continents, and, over two days combined, the works realized £41,445,313 – more than double the low estimate. A staggering 73% of works sold for above their high estimates and more than 20 new artist records were established.

It’s easy to reduce an auction to statistics, particularly when they are as compelling as these. Here are some others I’ve noted as we’ve taken this extraordinary collection through the auction journey: more than 8,000 miles travelled; some 10,000 catalogues printed; 3,298 photographs taken; six months of build-up; 102 late nights; 138 Sotheby’s personnel; 4,000 bids received; 1,200 cups of coffee; and, after the excitement, celebration – the exact number of champagne bottles I won’t disclose, although I’m sure Gunter Sachs would have approved.

What the bare numbers belie is the dedication and energy of everyone involved in the sale – and, of course, the enduring legacy, passion and connoisseurship of Gunter Sachs without whom none of this would have been possible.

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