Filming the presale videos for the sale of the Gunter Sachs Collection

LONDON - Yesterday I spent the day filming a series of videos to promote the Sachs Collection. After all the editing and post-production they’ll go up on and will make interesting viewing. I hope! I’ll be sure to put up the link once they are completed.

It was great to see works from the collection hanging in the same space, some being reunited for the first time in 40 years. Reunions always prompt reminiscences and having all these pictures together again made me think about how their stories are interwoven with that of Gunther Sachs’ life. From the Warhol portrait of Brigitte Bardot – commissioned by Sachs four years after their divorce – to the monumental expansion created by his friend César in 1967 at the exhibition of Gunter Sachs’ Collection in Munich, the pieces are inextricably tied up with the life-story of this extraordinary man.

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