Jeremy Smith LG

Jeremy Smith

  • Director
    English & Continental Furniture
  • Тел.: +44 20 7293 5072
  • Факс: +44 20 7293 5930

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  • Joined Sotheby's in 1994
  • Expert in English Furniture
  • Develops relationships with key collectors

Jeremy Smith, Director, Senior Specialist, English and Continental Furniture, joined Sotheby’s in 1994. A law graduate from Queen Mary College, London University, he qualified as a solicitor specialising in Estate and Tax planning before joining Phillips Son and Neale where he worked as a general valuer for six years. He was appointed by Sotheby’s as head of the then newly established Colonnade furniture division which he successfully ran for six years, working at the same time as a general valuer covering the London area.

From 2000 he joined the main furniture department and has been closely involved with the sales of Shrubland Park, Easton Neston and various single owner collections including Mallett at Bourdon House. He currently has a key role in the Arts of Europe and Treasures sales as a senior expert. He focuses on developing relationships with important collectors to bring the finest examples of English and Continental furniture to the market.