Esther Seet (H)

Esther Seet

  • Managing Director, Singapore Office
  • Тел.: +65 6732 8239
  • Факс: +65 6737 0295

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  • Joined Sotheby’s Singapore in 1998
  • Respected authority in the Southeast Asian Jewellery trade
  • Runs Sotheby’s Singapore office

Esther Seet, Senior Director, Asia, joined Sotheby’s Singapore in 1998, following a long period in the retail trade in Singapore. She is well-known and highly respected in the Southeast Asian Jewellery market.

Ms Seet's responsibilities include running the Singapore office as well as concentrating on her specific area of expertise, while working closely with Chin Yeow Quek in Hong Kong  and the global Jewellery department.