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Qiu Ying (circa 1494-1552)
signed Qiu Ying Shifu, with two seals of the artist, shi fu and shi zhou xian shi
ink and color on silk, hanging scroll
116.3 by 58.5 cm. 45 3/4 by 23 in.
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Christie's New York, Fine Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy, Dec 1987, lot 25


Between Heaven And Earth, Sydney L. Moss Ltd., London, 1988, no. 6

Описание в каталоге

'Summer Reverie by the Lotus Pond' is a fine work that clearly demonstrates Qiu Ying's skills as both a figure painter and landscapist. The painting depicts a scholar dressed in a white gown, holding a fan and leaning on a railing at a waterside pavilion. Although his posture is relaxed, his face displays an attitude of intense concentration, as if he is composing a poem or an essay.  A servant stands behind him with a cup of tea. In the distance another man squats in a wooden basin harvesting lotus roots. All of the figures are deftly portrayed through the artist's expert handling of the brush. The lines are firm and deliberate but never mechanical or stiff.  The landscape elements are equally compelling. The artist employs a wide range of brushstrokes to convey a variety of textures, from the smooth suppleness of the lotus leaves to the sharp roughness of the craggy mountain peaks.

Compare similar works by Qiu Ying are “Returning Home after a Spring Outing” in the National Palace Museum, Taipei, and “The Qin Player Stops and the Ruan Player Begins” in the Guangzhou Museum of Art.

Fine Classical Chinese Paintings