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Urs Lanter

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  • Joined Sotheby’s in 1997
  • Based in Zurich
  • Oversees the organisation of two Swiss art auctions each year
  • Has published numerous articles on art and culture

Urs Lanter joined the department of Swiss Art in 1997 and was appointed to run the department in 2002. He graduated in Art History and organises together with his team our biannual Swiss Art sales, which take place in Spring and Autumn. Urs Lanter has been successfully working in the auction and gallery business for over 25 years. He is also a co-curator of exhibitions for regional artists, writes reviews of exhibitions and cultural activities and holds lectures on art and the art world. Thanks to his long-standing experience in the art world and his profound knowledge, he is an accredited expert on Swiss Art of the early 20th Century Avant garde. He is also responsible for the appraisal and valuation of paintings, watercolours, drawings, prints and sculpture by Swiss artists from the 18th to the 21stcentury. 

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