World auction record for any diamond
World auction record for any jewel

An Exceptionally Important and Exquisite Fancy Intense Pink Diamond

24.78 Carats

Price: US$ 46.2 million

Geneva, November 2010 - lot details

In November 2010, Laurence Graff, a London jewellery dealer, purchased this rare pink diamond at
a Sotheby's Geneva auction and named it the Graff Pink Diamond. The previous owner had acquired
the stone from renowned American jeweller, Harry Winston some 60 years earlier. It was graded
"Fancy Intense Pink" by the Gemological Institute of American and was assessed as type IIa - meaning
it is in the top two per cent of the world's diamonds.


An Unmounted Pear-Shaped Diamond

100.10 Carats

Price: US$ 16.6 million

Geneva, May 1995

This internally flawless diamond was named the Star of the Season by renowned Saudi jeweller,
collector and connoisseur of diamonds, Sheik Ahmed Hassan Fitaihi, who purchased the stone. The
rare jewel, considered remarkable for its classical proportions, ignited intense competition amongst
collectors who drove the final price to an impressive $16.6 million.


Superb and Extremely Rare Brilliant-Cut Diamond

84.37 Carats

Price: US$ 16.2 million

Geneva, November 2007 - lot details

This extraordinary diamond is the largest brilliant-cut diamond of top quality ever to appear at
auction with the highest possible grading from the GIA. The gem was consigned by Ron Cohen,
CEO of Clean Diamonds Inc. who took two years to plan and cut the 365-carat rough diamond
which achieved $16.2 million at auction.


Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond

8.01 Carats

Price: US$ 12.8 million / HK$ 99.2 million

Hong Kong, April 2012 - lot details

This blue diamond, mounted on a platinum ring and flanked on each side by shield-shaped diamonds
received the highest colour grading with VVS1 clarity. As an emerald cut diamond, it was highly
sought-after by collectors and competitive bidding spurred the auction result to an impressive $12.8
million  / HK$ 99.2 million (the second highest price per carat for a blue diamond at auction).


World auction record for a tiara
World auction record for a piece of emerald jewellery

A Magnificent and Rare Emerald and Diamond Tiara

Formerly in the Collection of Princess Katharina Henckel von Donnersmarck

Circa 1900

Price: US$ 12.7 million

Geneva, May 2011 - lot details

This dazzling tiara is believed to have belonged to Eugenie, wife of Napoleon III, and is possibly the
grandest tiara to exist outside Royal, State and museum collections. It was commissioned by German
prince Guido Henckel von Donnersmarch's for his second wife Katharina and features a graduated
row of eleven polished, pear-shaped emeralds from Colombia, totaling 500 carats. Six bidders
competed for this exceptional piece, setting the record for a piece of emerald jewellery at auction.