Abstraction-Figuration: A Private Collection


Abstraction-Figuration: A Private Collection was created with an intellectual vitality and astute interpretation of the essence of artistic originality that thrives in the fertile space between abstraction and figuration. With a superb eye, the collection highlights a brotherhood of artists who are renowned for their understanding of the conceptual paradox inherent to the nature of painting; namely that abstraction and figuration have never been mutually exclusive. In reality, all art is based on one conceptual and abstract premise: how to manifest what and artist “sees” (whether externally or internally) into another medium that can be perceived by a viewer. If an artist focuses on only one stylistic mode or the other, their work will feel confined and isolated. When an artist profoundly understands the conceptual kinship of abstraction and figuration, art truly becomes great.

Abstraction-Figuration: A Private Collection bears insightful witness to the Modernist contribution to the timeless challenge that confronts each artist as they contemplate the nature of painting. From the lush and fantastical realm of Max Ernst to the early figurative and enigmatic inventions of Francis Bacon, Modern art’s radical liberation from the academic past of Western Art is on full display. Gerhard Richter’s masterful Abstraktes Bild series, here represented in awe-inspiring plenitude, serves as a corrective to the misconception that artistic theory of the last century was a conceptual war between separate genres of abstraction and figuration. Richter’s flexible and inspired attitude that both his representational Photo Paintings and his gestural Abstraktes Bild are abstracted or mediated reality is a fitting conclusion to the debate as framed in this collection.

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