In 2008, Maria Baibakova founded Baibakov Art Projects in Moscow, a non-profit institution committed to building a platform for global contemporary art in Moscow. Under Baibakova’s leadership as director and chief curator, they have organized nine critically acclaimed exhibitions featuring over seventy artists. Baibakova is also the Strategic Director of, the leading online marketplace for contemporary art. She is on the committees of the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts (New York), Tate Modern (London), and Art Dubai. Born in Moscow, Maria Baibakova has an MA from The Courtauld Institute of Art (London), and MBA from Harvard Business School (Boston).


Lot 207
Carl Bove
Untitled, 2012
Est. $80,000 - 120,000

This work is delicate and beautiful and can be passed over as decorative, except that Carol is an exceptionally intelligent artist. Her work reminds me of how something can be delicate and strong, fleeting and lasting at the same time. It also reminds me of vacation: a version of this work hangs in the lobby of my favorite Alpina hotel in Gstaad.


Lot 213
Christopher Wool
Untitled, 2002
Est. $150,000 - 200,000

I adore Christopher Wool’s work and I am a huge fan of Eames furniture, so when I discovered this piece I was elated. It is the perfect mix of art and design for the connoisseur of both, and is a great buy if one considers the price of Wool spray-painted works on canvas. 


Lot 233
Walead Beshty
Untitled, 2009
Est. $30,000 - 40,000

Walead redefines photography and this work is a good example of his technique, which is to expose a negative to an X-ray machine, producing a piece of photography without the use of a camera. We showed works from this series in Moscow in May 2009 at Baibakov Art Projects in the context of Wade Guyton, Sterling Ruby, Kelley Walker and Matthew Brannon - I believe these five artists are changing American art today.