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S otheby’s Gallery Networks provides an online, buy-now marketplace for contemporary art from our trusted gallery partners. With complete price transparency and seamless online checkout for artworks under $150,000, Sotheby’s Gallery Network gives clients access to prized gallery inventory, with many artworks coming direct from the artist’s studio. All works are offered exclusively on and backed by our standards of scholarship and authenticity. Please check back in the coming weeks to discover new galleries and artworks as our network continues to grow.


Browse a selection of artworks currently available from our gallery partners. Please contact us to learn more. View all works here.

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  • Why is Sotheby’s partnering with galleries?
    Sotheby’s Gallery Network is being implemented during this time to offer our gallery peers support and a new way to sell works quickly and efficiently. We are hopeful that the model can outlast our present circumstance and provide a valuable, full-service transactional tool in the future, particularly for galleries that do not otherwise have this functionality.
  • How did Sotheby's select the participating galleries?
    Our partner galleries represent some of the most renowned galleries in the world, who are important existing clients of Sotheby’s. Each gallery has established itself as a premier destination showcasing many of today’s leading contemporary artists.
  • Is there a price limit for how much I can buy online?
    Sotheby’s Gallery Network can facilitate immediate, buy-now transactions for artworks up to $150,000. Prices in excess of this may be purchased by enquiring with our specialist team.
  • How can I find out what is currently for sale?
    Current artworks available by our gallery partners are listed online, and are updated each week to reflect new inventory.
  • Are these works of art listed exclusively on Sotheby’s website?
    Yes, these artworks are only available on through our gallery partners.
  • Who can I contact for assistance about a work or for more information?
    Please contact a member of our specialist team for immediate assistance.
  • How are purchases picked up or delivered with Covid-related restrictions?
    Shipping will be coordinated according to all health and safety guidelines in effect at the current time. Delays in shipping may be applicable depending on local restrictions.
  • Is shipping available internationally?
    Yes, shipping is available internationally, subject to local restrictions.
  • What forms of payment are accepted?
    Credit cards can be used for purchases up to $50,000. Wire transfers are accepted above $50,000.