Auction Results

How can I find out the results of an auction?

Use our interactive online Auction Results pages. Results are posted online shortly after the close of each auction session.


The main Auction Results page lists sales from the current month. Navigate from month to month by clicking the "next" and "previous" links at the top and bottom of the list.


On the main page, you can see sale totals. Multiple-session sales also list totals for each session. Click the title of a sale to see the prices for individual lots.


For individual lots, you can choose to show lot names or just numbers. Clicking the lot name or number will take you to the lot detail page for that item (for most lots, this page includes an image).


Omitted lot numbers indicate items that were withdrawn, passed, or unsold at the time the results were posted on the site.


Auction results are also mailed to Sotheby's catalogue subscribers.


Where can I find results for earlier sales?


If you know the date, location, or sale name/number of the auction you want, use the results finder on the side of any Auction Results page. You can also use it to show all sale results in a particular location for a particular time period, if you wish.