What is the Sotheby's Catalogue app?

The catalogue app is a portal that allows you direct access to explore all of Sotheby's auctions. Within the app you can download catalogues and discover the property available at auction. Browse rare watches, jewellery, ceramics, books and furniture in interactive layouts - watch videos, zoom in on artwork, spin sculpture and access articles, interviews and in-depth essays. Click here to watch a demo video.

Is there a charge for the app?

No, the app is complimentary.

Is there a charge for the catalogue downloads once you've installed the app?

No, you can download as many catalogues as you choose, free of charge.

How do I access catalogues once I've downloaded the app?

Based on your initial language selection, when you open the app you will see all catalogues available for download in that language. Featured publications are highlighted at the top.  If you prefer, you can use filters and your settings in your Account page to see catalogues by department, sale date, location and language.  

How do I view a catalogue?

You will be asked to log in with your existing Sotheby's.com log in and password or register. Once logged in you select "Download" next to any catalogue.

How do I log in?

If you are already a registered user of Sothebys.com, simply use your username and password to log-in to view catalogues. If you are not a registered user, please complete the guided registration process.

Do I need to be connected to wi-fi?

You will need a wi-fi, 3G, 4G, or 4G LTE connection to use the app. However, once downloaded, catalogues can be accessed at anytime without a connection.

Can I view a catalogue before it has finished downloading?

Yes, the catalogue will automatically open after it has started downloading.

How many catalogues can I store?

This depends on the storage capacity of your iPad. When storage space becomes limited the download and interactive features of the catalogue will become slower. If you are noticing slow speeds, it iss a good idea to archive some of your downloaded catalogues.

How do I browse the catalogues?

On the Table of Contents page in each catalogue you will see a button in the top right called "How it Works"€. Take a step-by-step guided demonstration on the features of the format and how to best use the navigation bars to browse.

How do I remove a downloaded catalogue?

The "€œArchive"€ button next to the catalogue effectively deletes the download of the catalogue. Once a catalogue is archived, you can download it again at any point.

Does the app automatically update with new catalogues?

Yes, each time you open the app from your iPad a pop-up notification will alert you to any newly available catalogues which you can then download.

Why am I getting an alert to update a catalogue I have already downloaded?

Updates may have been made to the catalogue and this alert is simply offering you the option to download the most recent version.

Can I share items in the catalogues with colleagues/friends/clients?

Yes. Next to the Lot numbers on each page you will see a small page icon. Once selected, this "€œAdd Note"€ feature allows you to email any pieces of interest to yourself, friends or colleagues. You can group these together by adding many notes and selecting the note icon on the top right of any page.

When do the auction result prices appear?

Auction prices are available and will update within the catalogues during the auction when connected to the internet. Please note, depending on your location there may be some delay.

Can I buy a subscription to the print catalogues for these auctions?

Yes, mailed subscriptions are available by ordering on www.sothebys.com.

Who can I talk to about items I see for auction?

Towards the end of each catalogue you will see a "Specialists"€ page. Please contact any of these Specialists for more information on the sale.