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Seiichi Yayanagi

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  • Initially joined Sotheby's in 2006
  • Well connected with some of Japan's top-end Impressionist, Modern and Contemporary clients.
  • Raised in Paris and Tokyo

Seiichi Yayanagi joined Sotheby’s Japan in 2006.  With his pre-experience in Japanese art business world, he is well connected with some of Japan’s top-end Impressionist, Modern and Contemporary clients.

Prior to Sotheby’s, he worked as a manager at Fuji Television Gallery from 1986 for 20 years. This gallery played a key role in introducing major western modern masters to Japan and represented Yayoi Kusama for 20 years. During his career as a dealer, he was involved in forming major art collections both public and private, focusing on numerous Japanese museums who were creating a collection of Impressionist, Modern and Contemporary Arts at that time.

He was raised in Paris and Tokyo.