Sotheby’s Beijing Spring Sale and Selling Exhibition 2014

Hui Tong Collection of Chinese Realist Paintings

Sotheby’s Beijing proudly presents Hui Tong Collection, an exhibition of Chinese Realist paintings to be held from 30 May to 1 June at the China World Trade Center Tower III. The exhibition includes 20 exemplary works selected from this important private collection, curated by Sotheby’s in collaboration with Hui Tong Collection.

The Asia-based private collection Hui Tong Collection has kept a low profile over the years, yet its collection is remarkable both in volume and quality, showing strong and clear links between each piece, especially in the category of Chinese Realist paintings.

Classical Realism enjoys a prominent position in contemporary Chinese art, and a solid foundation. It is a unique genre developed through the legacy of Eastern aesthetic, also marking the beginning of the Chinese Realism movement.

Hui Tong Collection features artworks by a group of highly accomplished Chinese Realist painters; many of the pieces are highly representational of the artists’ achievements, created at the height of their careers. These works reflect both academic and artistry excellence, showing the classical aesthetic breadth and depth of the collection . Contemporary masters such as Chen Yifei, Zhan Jianjun, Ai Xuan, Wang Yidong, Leng Jun, Luo Zhongli, Chen Yiming, Chen Yanning and Li Guijun are among the artists featured. The collection includes rarely seen masterpieces, as well as rare and representative early works, forming a diverse and extraordinary cluster of gems. The upcoming exhibition will coincide with Sotheby’s Beijing Spring Sale and Selling Exhibition 2014, and promises to be an exceptional showcase of Chinese Realist art.

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