-  Sotheby's Wine had auction sales of US$85.5 million in 2011 and achieved the highest sold price, as a percentage of the low estimate, of any major wine auction house in New York & Hong Kong - we really do maximize the value of the wines we offer

-  Buyers trust Sotheby's as the best source for authentic wines, in good condition and with excellent provenance - there is no doubt that our standards are the highest in the industry

-  Worldwide, our team has the most expertise and experience selling wines at auction - we truly know each market and have the best professionals in each market:

        -  Serena Sutcliffe, MW: International Head of Sotheby's Wine - 21 years at Sotheby's
        -  Jamie Ritchie: President & CEO, Americas & Asia - 22 years at Sotheby's
        -  Stephen Mould: Head of Europe - 32 years at Sotheby's
        -  Robert Sleigh: Head of Asia - 16 years at Sotheby's
        -  Duncan Sterling: Head of New York Auctions - 10 years at Sotheby's

-  We only sell in the most important auction centers: Hong Kong, London & New York

-  We have sold the most important Single-Owner collections, including:

        -  The Great American Collector $43 million (2008-2012)
        -  Lafite Ex Cellars $8.4 million (2010)
        -  The Ultimate Cellar $12.4 million (2011)

-  As a publicly traded company, Sotheby's has complete transparency and unrivaled integrity

-  With colleagues in 90 locations in 40 countries, all speaking the local language with their clients, we have the greatest global reach, that cannot be matched by any US based wine auction house


We make the process easy, we:

-  Will provide complimentary auction estimates and a proposal for sale

-  We can take care of all packing & shipping logistics

-  We offer competitive terms

-  If you don't want to sell at auction, we also purchase directly for our retail business in New York


We are looking for well stored Bordeaux & Burgundy, in both larger and smaller quantities. This Fall, the Bordeaux 2009s will make their first appearance in our auctions.


Send a list of wines that you would like to sell to:

        New York: Duncan Sterling
        London: Stephen Mould
        Hong Kong: Robert Sleigh


-  New York 2011 Sales: Total Hammer Price $11,186,933 (126.2% of hammer to low estimate), 97.4% sold by value

-  London 2011 Sales: $23,644,400 (96% of hammer to low estimate), 91.6% sold by value

-  Hong Kong 2011 Sales: $36,973,218 (132.4% of hammer to low estimate), 98.6% sold by value

-  Worldwide Total: $71,804,551 (118.21% of hammer to low estimate), 96.0% sold by value