Sotheby's At Large

The Value of Art | Episode 10: Quality

How do Sotheby’s specialists define quality? It is something they understand instinctively or calculate by a formula? For some it means craftsmanship while others measure it by technical innovation, and many might use the word “timeless.” Ian Kelleher of RM Sotheby’s might describe it as a mix of all three. The engine of a Ferrari and other classic automobiles are “things of beauty,” says Kelleher. “Quality will last a lifetime. Many of these cars just will not change hands.” In Episode 10, Sotheby’s experts discuss the most subjective of criteria. Specialists in this episode: Nate Borgelt, Nicolas Chow, Julian Dawes, Frank Everett, Ian Kelleher, Selby Kiffer, Courtney Kremers, Michael Macaulay, Yamini Mehta, Jonquil O’Reilly and Simon Stock.

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