Hard Truths: Prize-Winning Photojournalism from The New York Times

Works by five prize-winning photographers will go on display at Sotheby's in London on 16 March. The New York Times publishes hundreds of images every day, but rarely hangs them on the walls of a gallery. Although the truth can be hard to look at, the searing work of these five photojournalists make it hard to turn away. These women and men made these images as part of journalism’s highest calling: bearing witness. Sometimes, they took great personal risk. Always, they produced work that required courage, artistry, intelligence and perseverance. Now, for the first time, The New York Times has partnered with the Foundation for the Exhibition of Photography to present these works not as ephemeral parts of a fast-changing news report, but as lasting pieces of art. — The New York Times International Photo Editor, David Furst, Associate Managing Editor, Jodi Rudoren, and photographer and curator Arthur Ollman.

Hard Truths: Prize-Winning Photography from The New York Times

16–18 March | London