Yuko Nasaka and Kim Lim Exhibition Opens at S|2

Yuko Nasaka was in attendance at Sotheby’s S|2 gallery this week for the first exhibition of her work in Britain. The artist was one of the first and few women to be invited by leader Jiro Yoshihara to join the Gutai art group in 1963 and through her art, Nasaka was able to transcend certain social barriers and expectations that women in faced at that time in Japan. Also on display are works by Singaporean-British sculptor and printmaker, Kim Lim who is best known for her exploration of form through balanced wood structures and detailed stone-carved sculptures. Click ahead to see highlights from the evening.

Kim Lim
6 September - 2 October 2017 | London

Yuko Nasaka
6 September - 2 October 2017 | London