A High-Performance Evening with BMW and Sotheby’s

“Tonight, our friends and clients will have an experience unlike any they’ve had before,” said Eric Shiner on 2 March, ahead of a reception, performance and dinner he co-hosted with BMW in honour of the Armory Show. Throughout cocktails and dinner in the newly renovated BMW of Manhattan West Side showroom, guests were captivated by artist Brendan Fernandes’s performance of Clean Labor. Dressed in mechanics’ jumpsuits, six dancers moved through the space performing the work of cleaning professionals whose contributions ensure the spaces which we live and work are safe and clean, thereby making visible what is too often overlooked. The evening continued with dinner and welcoming remarks from Shiner and Arturo Pineiro, President and CEO, BMW of Manhattan. A one-of-a-kind experience was orchestrated as dancers continued to entertain the guests while the servers painted and squeegeed away the courses at each place-setting. Click ahead for more from an interactive evening.