Inside Palazzo Sacchetti's Royal Interiors

The Sacchettis' heritage is unlike any other. One of the oldest Italian families, the Sacchettis played a unique role in ecclesiastical and artistic spheres and were always close to the papacy – Giulo Sacchetti was the last Governor of Vatican City, a position many of his ancestors had held before him. Ever since Rome's Palazzo Sacchetti opened to the public in 1991, visitors have admired masterpieces belonging to this noble family and other dynasties. Now, to benefit the Giulio and Giovanna Sacchetti Foundation, Sotheby’s will bring many of these pieces to auction. Click ahead to view some of the furnishings in their palatial settings. –Stephanie Sporn

Of Royal and Noble Descent, Including Works of Art from Palazzo Sacchetti, Rome
19 January | London