Meet the Artist Upstairs: Ming Ma

I appreciate different faces. People’s faces are emblems of our ever-changing society, and I like to add my own imagination and creativity to their appearance, recreating or rearranging, both the familiar and unfamiliar, in which you may find a part of yourself in each person.”­ ──Ming Ma
Born in Hong Kong in 1959, Ming Ma is a home-grown artist who skillfully applies the unusual combination of oil on paper as core material. Renowned for the exaggerated and unusual character profiles in his portraits, Ming thrives on the expression, in an abstract and minimal style, of the fine details of beauty and despair in our society.

This summer, in Sotheby’s Hong Kong Gallery, our audiences are invited to experience the artist’s emotions and imagination towards his subjects, scenes or moments in time. Among the works on display are a series of the artist’s illustrations with inscriptions from the celebrated filmmaker Mr. Yon Fan, which further enhances the creative backdrop of each work and presents a special dialogue between the two artists. 

Ming Ma: The Artist Upstairs
A Selling Exhibition

Hong Kong | 25 Aug–2 Sep