Inside the World's Largest Giacometti Retrospective

SHANGHAI–Though he may have passed away five decades ago, the flame ignited by Alberto Giacometti's legacy still radiates brightly around the art-loving public. The Italian-Swiss virtuoso left us with some of the most eternal masterworks of the 20th century – Walking Man, The Cage, the celebrated bronze busts of his wife Annette – all of which can be seen at Yuz Museum’s Giacometti retrospective, sponsored by Sotheby’s for the exhibition catalog. The retrospective, curated by Catherine Grenier, will not only showcase Giacometti’s iconic Post-World War II sculptures, but will also feature the artist’s lesser-known, yet still exquisite, paintings and sketches from his earlier Surrealist and Existentialist periods. This sweeping, wall-to-wall celebration of a master’s work will allow viewers to see how Giacometti evolved as an artist through the years and where he sought inspiration while living through some of Europe’s darkest days. Click through for the exclusive visual tour guided by Sotheby's.