Exceptional Masterworks of Venetian Glass

Although Murano’s glassmaking tradition dates back to the late 13th Century, the turn of the 20th Century marked the beginning of what would become the island’s most innovative, expansive and prosperous era. During the 1960s, master glassmakers such as Carlo Scarpa and Fulvio Bianconi experimented with technique and interpreted contemporary art movements in their works, which shocked and challenged the public’s perception of the glass medium. As a result, production of some of their most innovative designs was short-lived, making their appearance on today’s market rather special. Led by an impeccable eye and passion, the important New York collector featured in Sotheby’s Important Design sale sought the rarest, most historical and beautiful works. To see these technical and artistic triumphs, click ahead and explore 15 highlights from the collection of more than 50 glass marvels.

Important Design
7 June | New York 

Sotheby’s wishes to thank author Marc Heiremans for his assistance in the research and cataloguing of this collection.