Adrian Ghenie: Reimagining History

Adrian Ghenie only turned to painting in 2006 with a series of black and white works that sought to illuminate the gap between fact and subjective memory. His move to colour has imbued his paintings with a widened emotive scope, expressed here in vibrant yellows, rich crimsons and touches of violet. His gestural method of painting – with palette knives, stencils and often by dripping and pouring paint – embraces incident and spontaneity, while his recent subject matter has been drawn from his country of residence, Germany. “I’m not a history painter,” he has said, “but I am fascinated by what happened in the 20th century and how it continues to shape today…for me the 20th century was a century of humiliation – and through my painting, I’m still trying to understand this.”

Contemporary Art Evening Auction
10 February | London

Image: Salvador Salas. Cedida por Diario SUR