Labour of Love: The Drawings of Jean-François Millet

While Jean-François Millet is internationally revered for a trio of very well-known paintings – The Sower (Boston, Museum of Fine Arts), The Angelus and The Gleaners (both Paris, Musée d’Orsay) – oil paintings in fact are only a part of his art. Behind each of those iconic paintings lie more than a dozen sketches, careful figure or costume studies or alternative compositions; and fortunately for collectors and scholars alike, new drawings adding to our understanding of Millet’s most important paintings still come to light every decade or so. By training and by passion, Millet was a true peintre-dessinateur (painter-draftsman), one of the three truly brilliant draftsmen, with Delacroix before him and Degas to follow, who define nineteenth-century French art.

19th Century European Art
3 November | New York