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Sotheby’s Most Fascinating Napoleon Memorabilia

Exactly 200 years ago, Napoleon would have been about one week into his 4,400-mile journey into exile on St Helena. An entourage of 26, including a pastry cook and coachmen, travelled with the defeated military leader to the island off the African coast, where he died in 1821. In 1823, Sotheby's auctioned the contents of his library; over the years, we have offered many historical pieces related to the former emperor in our salesrooms. On 27 October, selected Napoleoniana from the collection of the late Bryan Forbes will be among the treasures in the Collections sale at Sotheby's London. Here we highlight some of those objects as well as notable items that have previously sold at Sotheby's. They offer a picture of the life of Napoleon, born on 15 August in 1769, from triump to abdication. – Stephanie Sporn