Sotheby's At Large

A Decade of Sotheby's Diamonds Signature Styles

As Sotheby’s Diamonds celebrates its ten-year anniversary this autumn, we take a look at the designs that have become iconic to the Sotheby’s Diamonds brand throughout the years. Unique, wearable and one-of-a-kind, each piece is designed, created and sold wholly by Sotheby’s, distinguishing it as one of today’s premier jewellers. Available for immediate purchase, the collection is available 365 days a year at our Sotheby’s Diamonds salons in New York and Hong Kong as well as exclusive selling exhibitions worldwide. – Ashley Flight

The Sotheby’s Diamonds Collection will be on view from 2 – 7 October during the preview of the Hong Kong autumn sales at the Hong Kong Convention Centre and from 10 – 15 October during the Frieze preview in London. New York +212 894 1400 | Hong Kong +852 2822 8179 | London +44 (0)20 7293 6430