Important Dutch and Flemish Paintings

The selection of Dutch and Flemish paintings in Sotheby's Master Paintings sale on 29 January in New York represents a diverse group by celebrated artists such as Jan Breughel, Willem Van De Velde the Elder, Pieter Claesz and Aert Van der Neer. Sotheby's David Pollack explores this superlative group of pictures.

Views of Rome

Sotheby's Master Paintings sale on 29 January in New York features paintings by Giovanni Paolo Panini, Hubert Robert and William Marlow that depict stunning views of monuments in and around Rome – monuments still much visited and revered today. Watch as Sotheby's specialist Calvine Harvey discusses these three enchanting works.

Masters of Style

Join Sotheby's Jonquil O'Reilly as she explores the sartorial side of highlights from Sotheby's Master Paintings sale on 29 January in New York.

Renaissance & Mannerist Works of Art Assembled by Fabrizio Moretti

Edoardo Roberti, Vice President, Old Master Paintings, sits down with art dealer Fabrizio Moretti to discuss the timeless appeal of Old Master paintings for both new and established collectors alike, as well as the remarkable opportunities the field offers for collectors seeking museum-quality works of art. Selected Renaissance & Mannerist Works of Art, Assembled by Fabrizio Moretti, will be offered on 29 January at Sotheby's New York.

Ruysdael's Stunning Seascape

Wijdschip and Other Small Dutch Vessels at the Mouth of the Estuary by Salomon van Ruysdael is an important highlight of Sotheby's Master Paintings sale on 29 January in New York. This magnificent painting captures the sunlight glistening on the sea in an almost magical sense. It is a tour-de-force of marine painting.