Thomas Gainsborough R. A., 'The Blue Page'
For many years 'The Blue Page' was considered to be a sketch for Gainsborough’s most famous painting, 'The Blue Boy.' But, as George Wachter, Chairman, Old Master Paintings, describes, scholars now believe that 'The Blue Page' was painted a year after 'The Blue Boy.' This extraordinary portrait will be offered as part of The Collection of A. Alfred Taubman: Old Masters sale.

Raphael, 'Profile Portrait of Valerio Belli'
Raphael’s portrait of friend and fellow artist, the metalist and gem engraver Valerio Belli, highlights the relationship between two great Renaissance masters. Christophe Apostle, Head of Sotheby’s Old Master Paintings New York, discusses this remarkable highlight from The Collection of A. Alfred Taubman: Old Masters.

First Look: Gentileschi’s Danaë Comes to Sotheby’s
After enthralling visitors at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the last two years, Orazio Gentileschi’s Danaë will grace Sotheby’s New York to lead the Master Paintings Evening Sale. This undisputed masterpiece is one of the most important Italian Baroque paintings to come to market since World War II. 

The Road to Rome: 7 Works from the Grand Tour
Throughout the 18th century, young aristocrats embarked on the Grand Tour, visiting Italian cities including Venice, Naples and Rome as the culmination of their academic studies. Many of the great artistic talents of the time including Vanvitelli, Bellotto, the Van Lint family, Hackert and Caffi directly benefited from the patronage of these Grand Tourists. Highlights by these artists and many others will be offered in The Road to Rome: Property from a Distinguished Italian Private Collection, Part I.

Filmmaker Pamela Romanowsky’s Golden Moment
The Adderral Diaries director, Pamela Romanowsky, was invited by Sotheby’s to create a short film inspired by Orazio Gentileschi’s 1621 masterpiece Danaë. The auction house fêted both her film and the picture at a private dinner attended by collectors like Jon Landau and Brooklyn creatives Roy Caires and Tommy Coles.

Art Across the Ages: A New Filmmaker Meets an Old Master
In this short interview, Romanowsky describes her first impression of Gentileschi's classic painting and explains why we are compelled by images of beautiful women in danger.

Reimagining Gentileschi’s Danaë
Romanowsky's beautiful and modern interpretation of the moment when Zeus reveals himself to Danaë and changes her life forever. 

Leonardo’s Influence: The Hand of a Master
Leonardo is rightfully celebrated as one of the great geniuses of the Italian Renaissance for his contributions to the fields of visual arts, both in terms of sublime achievements and technical advancements. We are delighted to present no fewer than three works by artists active in Florence or Lombardy who were all influenced by the Master in our Master Paintings Evening Sale.

A Rediscovered Jacob Jordaens
One of Rubens’ star pupils, Flemish painter Jacob Jordaens received the commission for Saint Martin Healing a Possessed Man, his first independently secured altarpiece commission, around 1628. George Wachter, Sotheby’s Co-Chairman of Old Master Paintings Worldwide, shares the fascinating story behind this “perfect” work before it is offered in our Master Paintings Evening Sale.

An 18th Century Roman Holiday
Travel alongside 18th century Grand Tourists and bask in Italy’s majestic scenery. During Masters Week, 35 portraits and views will come to auction in The Road to Rome: A Distinguished Italian Private Collection, Part I.

Ruins and Ravioli: The Grand Tourist’s Guide to Italian Cuisine, Part 1
Our three-part series revisits the novel culinary experiences Grand Tourists had as they made their way south, from Venice to Florence, Rome and Naples, and includes recipes for modern takes on traditional dishes that the contemporary traveller can find in each city today. First stop: Venice.

Ruins and Ravioli: The Grand Tourist’s Guide to Italian Cuisine, Part 2
The roads that crossed the mountains from the plains of Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna to Tuscany were part of the ordeal that many of the Grand Tourists had to endure; depending on the weather, they could take as long as a week to cross. Once they arrived in Florence, however, British Grand Tourists found a sizable and friendly expatriate community to welcome them.

Ruins and Ravioli: The Grand Tourist’s Guide to Italian Cuisine, Part 3
By far the largest city in Italy in the 18th century, Naples was the capital of a kingdom in its own right. At first, not all Grand Tourists ventured that far south, but the rediscovery of Herculaneum and Pompeii, and the fascination with Vesuvius proved an irresistible draw as the century wore on.

Canaletto's Awe-Inspiring Westminster Abbey
One of the most celebrated painters of the 18th century, Canaletto was famous for his depictions of Venice. But it was his decade spent in Britain that produced one of the most hypnotising and rare interiors: the Henry VII Chapel of Westminster Abbey

The Costumist: Fashion in Master Paintings
Master Paintings specialist Jonquil O’Reilly, our resident expert on the history of fashion, writes as The Costumist online and in Sotheby’s magazine. Ahead of Masters Week, the Costumist explains the symbolism behind sitters’ sartorial choices.

Celebrating the Collection of A. Alfred Taubman

Sotheby's, George Wachter and Christopher Apostle hosted a reception and private viewing of works from The Collection of A. Alfred Taubman: Old Masters. The Taubman family was joined by a circle of friends and connoisseurs for an intimate dinner in the presence of masterworks by artists such as Raphael, Gainsborough and Dürer.

Old Masters, New Take
An international crowd of collectors and dealers flocked to our tenth-floor galleries for a Masters Week reception. Between works from Road to Rome and The Collection of A. Alfred Taubman, the Hot Club of Flatbush performed a mix of American and Parisian jazz music – think “C’est Si Bon” and other classics.

Celebrating the J. Paul Getty Museum and Master Paintings
Leaders from the worlds of art, technology and entertainment gathered at Sotheby’s on 26 January for an exclusive dinner celebrating the J. Paul Getty Museum. Following cocktails and a private viewing of Sotheby’s Master Paintings the Getty’s director, Timothy Potts, spoke about the institution’s vision for the future.

14 Old Masters Worth More Than $1 Million
From colossal paintings to works that fit in the palm of your hand, here are the fourteen Old Master portraits and landscapes that topped $1 million at Sotheby's Masters Week.