Nature through the Eyes of Wu Guanzhong

Modern and Contemporary Asian Art Evening Sale will showcase a dazzling series of six masterpieces by modern Chinese master Wu Guanzhong. Spanning from 1970s to 1990s, this exceptional collection includes Plum Blossoms, brimming with a vivid sense of spring, the lush and spirited Riverside Bamboos, the vibrantly soaring A Mountain of Colours and Autumn onto the Wall, together offering a retrospective survey of the artist’s creative landmarks.

Contemporary Literati: Curiosity

Encouraging curiosity among collectors and connoisseurs alike, the Contemporary Literati: Curiosity sale presents an extraordinary assemblage of contemporary ink paintings, intriguing ancient objects and works of art that epitomise the refined taste of the Chinese literati. This lifestyle sale is inspired by the European tradition of cabinets of curiosity – small ‘wonder rooms’ of extraordinary objects assembled to construct the collector’s very own microcosm of the world.