How Hall Chairs are Making a Comeback
Collectors love hall chairs. And crests, mahogany and tradition are making a comeback. Hall chairs were originally used as seats in a house’s main hall to accommodate those waiting to enter into the more intimate spaces.

The Veritas in Vine
Since the ancient Romans, the grapevine has adorned vessels for eating and drinking. Its presence evokes the whole world of Bacchus, god of wine and the grape harvest, but also god of fertility and ritual madness – the makings of a good party.

Collecting Fabergé
Fabergé is certainly one of the best known jewellers of all time. The name evokes objects of astonishing artistry and craftsmanship concocted to satisfy the tastes of Europe’s wealthiest court.

Shopping Guide: Interior Designer Sara Story's Decorative Art Picks
Interior designer Sara Story, who will be curating vignettes for the New York exhibition of Sotheby's Decorative Arts Week this October, has an appreciation for good design – no matter the era. 

An Expert Guide to Collecting Clocks
While iPhones and the Apple watch have developed into our main sources for telling time, clocks that are hundreds of years old are still ticking away.

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