- Sometimes you can literally starve to death in an airport, but not Minneapolis/St. Paul. I immediately regretted my ricotta and asparagus frittata at the hotel when I saw the offerings, particularly Surdyk’s, where I had a cappuccino, and stared longingly at the most beautifully hand-crafted pastries, prosciutto and cheese, featured in this photo. On the other side of the “breakfast bar” they were having a wine tasting.

The Food Network was playing on the TV monitors, and the check came in a passport cover.

If I weren’t en route to Chicago where I know the food will be great, I would have packed a picnic for the short flight. And the food was great in Chicago, with a special thanks to Sotheby’s Gary Metzner there, who is a wiz at procuring a table at a hard-to-get restaurant. We dined at Girl and the Goat, and it was an incredibly great, inventive meal (and yes, we had goat).