First Look: The American Folk Art Collection of Stephen and Petra Levin
Collecting for 15 years, Stephen and Petra Levin filled their Vermont home with extraordinary American folk art. Now that they are selling the property, it’s your chance to own a piece of American history. Their whimsical cigar store figures, weathervanes and sculptures will be sold by Sotheby’s New York in American Beauty: The American Folk Art Collection of Stephen and Petra Levin on 23 January. 

The Schorsch Collection: An Eye for Americana
From sofas to lanterns, ceramics to needleworks and pistols to pianos, the collection of Irvin and Anita Schorsch has more than 1000 items to be treasured by historians and Americana enthusiasts alike. Click ahead to tour Hidden Glen Farms, the Schorsch’s humble abode.

10 American Icons to Ring in Americana Week
From Washington and Lincoln to Coca-Cola and Rita Hayworth, Americana Week is full of history's most celebrated, recognisable American icons. Here, a look at just some of the property on auction that shows what it means to live in the USA.

A Stitch of History
Pictures with hybrid animals, caterpillars with human faces and enormous strawberries that dwarf the, this is not a Surrealist painting but rather a 17th-century needlework. The Schorsch Collection, which will be sold without reserve on 20 - 22 January in New York, contains an extraordinary array of professional and amateur caskets, purses, shoes and pictures. 

Weathervanes: Americana’s Turning Point
Once an essential tool for agriculture and travel, the weathervane is now a dignified emblem of Americana, uniquely linking the U.S. to the ancient Greeks, Vikings and even the Pope.

Pulitzer-Winning Historian Eric Foner on Americana and Nostalgia
American history is very much alive in the public imagination – whether it’s through Oscar-winning films, televised debates or, as seen in Sotheby's Americana Week, folk art and other creative representations of political culture. We asked Eric Foner, a Pulitzer Prize-winning historian and DeWitt Clinton Professor of History at Columbia University, about the on-going appeal of these rare objects and how they give us an equally unique glimpse of the nation’s past.

American Picker Mike Wolfe Talks Folk Art and Collecting
Ahead of our Americana Week auctions, star of the hit show American Pickers and owner of vintage store Antique Archaeology Mike Wolfe talks about the unique beauty of weathervanes and jugs, his favourite artists and advice new folk art collectors should keep in mind.

Four Floors of Americana
Our Americana Week reception at Sotheby’s New York drew guests eager to preview highlights ahead of three major sales. A soundtrack of classic American music set the mood for browsing historical treasures such as weathervanes, Federal-period furniture and charming portraits.