My route from the west coast of the United Kingdom to the east.

LONDON - Last August, I was involved in a serious shooting accident and came close to losing the sight in both eyes. Had I not been wearing my glasses, I would have definitely been blinded forever. Although sustaining injuries to the face, hands and chest, I was incredibly fortunate my eyes were spared.
The experience brought home to me how desperate life must be for those without the gift of sight and, in particular, those who are blind but don’t need to be.

As a result I have decided to raise funds for a remarkable sight-saving charity called ORBIS. Starting on 9 May, I am walking from one side of the United Kingdom to the other. The distance from St Bees in Cumbria to Robin Hood’s Bay in Yorkshire is some 190 miles.
Founded 30 years ago, ORBIS has delivered an astonishing 20 million treatments in developing countries as a direct result of their own volunteer eye surgeons and nurses and the teaching they have given to local medics.
What appeals to me most is the simple formula I have agreed with them—for every £10 I raise, one person who is suffering from a form of curable blindness will have his or her sight restored. I aim to raise as much as possible—£500,000 will help 50,000 people, £1 million 100,000 people, £2 million 200,000 people and so on.
Follow my footsteps on this blog and see how the walk is progressing. Donate to ORBIS at