At Sotheby's Wine, we pride ourselves on the breadth of our selection of mature and rare wines available both at auction and at retail. We are always seeking opportunities to source these wines, so if you have well-stored wine, in excellent condition and with impeccable provenance, we would be delighted to sell it.

Seeking Mature and Rare Wine

In particular, we are interested in:

•    Top Bordeaux
•    Finest red & white Burgundy
•    The most sought after Californian wines
•    Vintage Champagnes, Rhones & Italian wines from the best growers
•    Vintage Ports


Selling at Auction

We auction wine in in New York, London and Hong Kong. We are currently inviting consignments for auctions in the following locations and dates:

Selling at Retail

We may also offer to make a cash purchase of your wines for re-sale in either our New York or Hong Kong retail business. This is not a consignment model like the auction business; instead we offer immediate cash payment upon receipt and inspection of the wines. We look for the same kinds of wines at retail as we do at auction, except that we only buy wines that are in perfect condition with perfect appearance.

Why Sell With Us?

At Sotheby's we have been selling wine for over 45 years, and have great experience of how to maximize the value and also make the process easy. While we know that there are many ways to sell your wine, here are some reasons why selling with Sotheby's Wine makes sense:

•    Proven results: We just held three Single Owner Wine Sales resulting in sales of US$25 Million in 25 days
       o    Wines from the Cellar of William I. Koch | From one of the world’s most famous collectors and totaling US$21.9 Million, this set the record as the largest wine collection sold at auction. An incredible 2,729 lots 100% sold, lastingfor three days with buyers from 23 countries. The benchmark wine auction that all others will be     judged on.
       o    A Private Jayer Collection | This Single Owner Sale in London achieved US$2.3 Million, double its low estimate, and realized two new world records. Another example of Sotheby’s ability to bring the finest and rarest wines to market.
       o    Château Palmer Direct from the Château and the Cellars of Maison Mähler-Besse & Franck Mähler-Besse | Achieved US$1.9 Million versus a high estimate of US$1.6 Million and 100% sold. The first time a significant parcel of wines had ever been offered directly from Château Palmer and this was also the first time a Bordeaux Château had ever offered a barrel of wine at auction, which sold six times over the estimate – a milestone that grabbed the attention of the wine world.
•    Unparalleled international reach to the most important buyers worldwide.
•    Dedicated promotion and marketing to maximize the value of your wines.
•    Absolute commitment to selling only authentic wine, accurately catalogued and in excellent condition, ensuring the trust of worldwide collectors.
•    Sotheby's Wine is the world leader of Single-Owner collections.
•    The greatest expertise and experience in selling in the United States, Europe and Asia.
•    A quick and professional service, managed by experts in their field.
•    Logistical expertise in packing, shipping and insuring your wine.

Contact Us

If you have wines you wish to sell, please contact:

     New York Auction                                         New York Retail
          Connor Kriegel                                          Nicholas Jackson
                                   +1 212 606 7050                                         +1 212 894 1990                             

                      London Auction                                 Hong Kong Auction & Retail
        Stephen Mould                                                Adam Bilbey       
    +44 (0)20 7293 6423                                    +852 2822 8174