NEW YORK – Maggie Henríquez is the Venezuelan-born CEO of Krug Champagne, the world's most iconic champagne house, which is offering the unique opportunity to taste a bottle of Krug 1915 in the cellars of Maison Krug in our 25 September auction. She is respected and admired for her remarkable career in the wine and spirits business, leading multinational companies in South America and France. Innovative, passionate and resourceful, she is the guiding force behind the world's most prestigious champagne house.

Maggie Henríquez.

Where were you born?
Caracas, Venezuela

What was your best memory growing up?
There are many, but one of the best is using a little house in our garden to put on theatre productions for my family.

Where/what did you study?
In Caracas, I got my Systems Engineering degree. Next, I did the Advanced Management Program at Harvard and, finally, my last serious studies were for my PhD at the Swiss Management Center.

Any formal wine training?
Yes, some, especially doing objective tasting for five years, when I was in Argentina.

What are your views on agriculture: Sustainable? Organic? Biodynamic?
Until now, I am in the sustainable camp, but I would like to go further when great ideas become stronger realities. Until now, I think all the other options are not able to express the best from the soil.

What was the best advice you ever received?
People do not fail due to their weaknesses, they fail due to the over-utilisation of their weaknesses.

What instantly brings a smile to your face?
My sons or my grandchildren.

Outside wine, what is your passion?

What was the last music you downloaded?
Carlos Vives.

What are you reading now?
Pensamiento en Red by Sonia Abadi / Network Thinking by Sonia Abadi.

Maggie Henríquez.

What's your guilty secret?
A chocolate biscuit two nights ago. I eat neither chocolate nor sweets during the day.

What “addiction” would you most like to give up?
Working too late at night.

What are you craving right now?
Some good pasta, as I am on a diet.

Sunday: Brunch or Lunch?
Brunch, the best!!

Early to rise, late to bed; burn the candle at both ends?

One of Krug's caves.

Yes, my husband and two magical sons, one is 35 and the other very soon to be 31.

Favourite place to vacation?
Staying in my small house in Costa Rica.

Favourite hotel in the world?
La Casa Que Canta, Zihuatanejo, Mexico.

Favourite local hotel?
George V, Paris.

Favourite restaurant in the world?
8½ Otto e Mezzo, Bombana in Hong Kong.

Favourite restaurant locally?
Arnaud Lallement at L'Assiette Champenoise.

Favourite city to visit?

A group shot at Krug.

Favourite wine/vintage from your winery?
Krug Grande Cuvée, always, and the older the better – for example, the 1996, wow, but there are none available. Buy Grande Cuvée now and lay it down for the future – each bottle has the Krug ID, on the back label, which tells the story of each bottle. Now available through the Krug app and on

Favourite wine/vintage, that is not yours?
Cheval Blanc 1947 (never tasted, but imagined).

Greatest Achievement?
Seagram in Venzuela, Nabisco in Mexico and Krug in France. Always reinventing each company. I never fired anyone in a crisis.

If you can choose your perfect last supper before leaving this world, what would it be, who would it be with and what would you drink with it?
It would be an all white truffle dinner, with my parents, my two sons, their wives, my husband and a one or two bottles of Krug Grande Cuvée.